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on Wed Oct 25, 2017 12:05 pm

We represent
•Pro-Nationalism/ Anti-Globalism
•Observe and preserve the U.S. Constitution.
•Allegiance to the Flag
•Conservative Values
•Save Western Civilization (international alliance with pro-Western groups)

What this group is not:

• This is not a religious group. Freedom of expression is encouraged but not exclusive or proselytizing. Obviously the Judeo-Christian tradition is at the core of Western Civilization but to each his or her own. Atheists and Pagans have a place in this movement as well. (Muslims, not so much.)

•This is not a militancy group, ie. organizing violence, bullying or unlawful behavior towards any other group or individual. If your artwork criticizes any individual or group of people you must be able to back up your artistic statement with data.

•This is not a group that wanders off topic. Your work must reflect, in some way, Right-Wing political views or Anti-Globalist/ Anti-Shariah views.

Dos and Don'ts for this Forum's chat rooms:

Maturity, Manners, Mindfulness - Think about the consequences of what you say before you post it. Be willing to accept constructive critique as well as contribute helpful advice to your brothers and sisters here.

Expect diversity of opinion and don't be divisive. If you can't jive with this group, get out.

Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven OUR GOAL:

To create and proliferate artworks as members of the ArtRight that reflect our political paradigm. Post-Modernism and Cultural Marxists hijacked the Arts, the ArtRight movement is here to take it back. We recognize that at this critical moment in history, it's do or die; America is the last stronghold of Freedom and therefore we must band together to cultivate a more pro-Nationalist/ anti-Globalist culture. Politics is downstream from culture so we will boldly create our own cultural narrative to support the socio-political movements conserving the Western World. We take ownership of our important role in culture and reject the image of the artist created by Post-Modernism and Cultural Marxists. We are about Making America Great Again. We are about inviting the public back into the Arts since they have been alienated so long by Post-Modernism.

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